Jueves, 06 Diciembre 2018

Programa de Inmersión Canadá 2018

Having the experience of going abroad and meeting other culture´s idiosyncrasy is a key aspect in nowadays personal growth. Consequently our school sees it as an urgent need and promotes immersion programmes as a tool to contribute with relevant life experiences that help every student achieve personal success.

As a student at Gimnasio Nuevo Modelia School, children and teenagers have the experience to foster their foreign language process and exchange cultural experiences making new friends from diverse background all over the world.

Students return with a sense of independence and cultural enrichment, they highly improve their language abilities. English is not only a language needed in everyday situations such as school affairs, professional development, business and entertainment; but it also plays a fundamental role in international business, commerce and the advancing global world we live in.

Immersion programmes in our school offers students an opportunity to learn and practice English language using a shot-term program that accelerates learning. Learning through linguistic and cultural immersion greatly improves students’ comprehension, writing and oral communication. They become involved in the customs of the local community while having a residential type programme.

Travelling to Canada is a marvelous opportunity to experience life and the English language in an English speaking country.

Jueves, 06 Diciembre 2018

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